World value survey

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World value survey

WVS Database – World Values Survey

17 nov 2018 The World Values Survey Association invites interested students and young post-graduate researchers to apply for a Remote Internship at the WVSA Secretariat. Remote Internship is a volunteer (unpaid) feasible contribution to the WVSA activities of 2-8 hours per week organized from the applicant’s place of residence/ study.

The World Values Survey (WVS) is a common questionnaire survey used to study the changing attitudes and values of individuals in almost 100 countries. It is a cross-national time series study that is conducted in waves, with each wave covering a span of five years.

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World Values Survey (WVS) The WVS is a global network of social scientists who are analyzing the basic values and beliefs of people throughout the world. In order to monitor changes in values and understand their implications, the WVS has carried out successive waves of surveys since 1981 in over 100 countries, containing almost 90 percent of the world’s population.

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