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Trump survey

Survey: Voters Say Trump Would Win Republican Primary …

12 hours ago Trump is viewed favorably by 57% of whites, 30% of black voters and 49% of other minorities. DeSantis is viewed favorably by 53% of whites, 39% of black voters and 54% of other minorities. There is very little “gender gap” in Trump’s favorability, while DeSantis is viewed more favorably by men (57%) than women voters (46%).

Trump received a total score in the survey of 312 points, putting him at fourth-lowest overall, just barely ahead of Franklin Pierce. His highest scores in individual categories were not particularly high, either — Trump placed 32nd in the category for Public Persuasion and 34th in Economic Management.

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President Trump Survey * 1. Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s job performance thus far? Strongly Approve Mostly Approve Neutral Mostly Disapprove Strongly Disapprove * 2. As of now, are you likely or unlikely to support President Trump for reelection in 2020? Will Strongly Support Likely Support Neutral Likely Not to Support

14 hours agoThe latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 40 percent of likely American voters believe former President Donald Trump would win if both he and Florida Republican…

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What do Utahns think about Donald Trump?

The survey found Utahns evenly split over what they currently think about Trump — 48% have favorable opinion of him, while 48% have unfavorable opinion, including 40% who have a very unfavorable opinion of the former president. “Every president since Reagan saw a bump in their approvals during their final months in office.

How do Wisconsin voters view Donald Trump?

In that survey, just 36% of the state's voters have favorable opinions of Trump, while 57% percent have unfavorable ones. What's remarkable is that those numbers are virtually unchanged from how Wisconsin voters viewed Trump in August 2021 (38% favorable/55% unfavorable) and October 2021 (38%/57%).

Is Donald Trump more popular now than when he leaves office?

(CNN) Usually when presidents leave office, they almost immediately get more popular. The longer they are out of office, the more kindly the public tends to think of them. Donald Trump is breaking that mold, at least according to a new Marquette Law School poll of Wisconsin voters.

Do you believe President Trump is doing enough on all issues?

Overall, do you believe President Trump is doing enough on all issues, including the economy, national security, immigration, education, healthcare, tax reform, etc.? Strongly believe he is doing all he can on all of these issues. Generally believe that he is working on most of these issues. Generally DO NOT believe he is doing all he can.

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Trump Ranks Among The Worst Presidents In History, According To Survey Video Answer

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