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Survey Question Archive — SMERCONISH. 0. Questions Answered. Our community is a snapshot of the nation. It’s composed of all ages, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and political affiliations. Every day, following every breaking news story, we vote and find out what average people really think – away from the punditry and spin.

Opinions from independent minds, written exclusively for . Exclusive Content. Sister Helen Prejean. Apr 10, 2022. Why America is Rethinking the Morality of the Death Penalty. Sister Helen Prejean . Apr 10, 2022. Even more than the inordinate fiscal costs of the death penalty, I believe the most incalculable loss for us as a people has been the moral costliness. …


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Refreshingly Independent Politics. Our mission is to create a clearinghouse for …

03.10.22. Agree or Disagree: “NATO refusal to give Ukraine no-fly protection from continuing, indiscriminate and inhumane Russian attacks from the air is strategically weak and morally wrong.” (Percentage of 10,259 votes)

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Smerconish: Zelensky's 'Spartacus' moment Video Answer

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