Sexual experiences survey

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Sexual experiences survey

The Sexual Experiences Survey: interpretation and validity

The Sexual Experiences Survey (Koss, Gidycz, & Wisniewski, 1987) is a commonly used instrument for assessing various degrees of sexual aggression and victimization among male offenders and female victims. Rasch analysis was used to transform qualitative raw score observations into objective linear measures using the responses of a national sample …

Developed a survey capable of reflecting hidden cases of rape and of documenting a dimensional view of sexual aggression/sexual victimization. This survey examines degrees of coercion used or experienced in sexual activity. Results obtained from 3,862 university students support a dimensional view. The viability of a survey approach to sample …

How to Score the Sexual Experiences Survey? A Comparison of …

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The present studies assessed new methods for scoring sexual assault severity using the Sexual Experiences Survey (SES; Koss et al., 2007). Method: In two studies of female ( n = 436) and male ( n = 313) non-problem drinkers who had engaged in unprotected sex within the past year, we compared three severity ranking schemes as well as three scoring methods per severity …

Sexual experiences survey: reliability and validity

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