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Sex survey

Sex Survey

Indicate the types of partnered sexual activities/ behaviors involved. (Multiple boxes may be checked) * 23. Indicate how the level of sexual desire with your current partner changed over the course of your relationship. 24. If orgasmic, how the intensity of your orgasms has changed over the course of your current relationship.

My spouse isn’t interested: 75%. Neither of us is interested: 13%. Interesting note: We’re only dealing with 14 respondents in the oral sex survey who said that oral sex is not part of their marriage. Never-the-less, the women either said they weren’t interested, or it was mutual, whereas the men all said it was their spouse who wasn’t …

The 2020 Sex in America Survey – Inside Americans’ Sex Lives

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The Men’s Health 2020 Sex in America Survey. We asked 1,500 Americans about kinks, orgasms, threesomes, and more. By The Editors of MH. May 8, 2020 Dominic McKenzie . We like having sex. Some of …

52% – Your spouse on their back, while you are between their legs. 10% – Under your spouse while they kneel. 13% – Spouse on their back, you beside them leaning over. 7% – Kneeling/sitting while your spouse sits (in a chair, edge of the bed) 4% – Kneeling while your spouse stands 3.85%.

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