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Mcd menu

McDonald’s Products

Breakfast Menu. Sausage McMuffin TM. Serve Size : 112: Energy (kCal) 273: Protein (g) 16: Total fat (g) 11: Trans fat (g) 0.20: Total carbohydrate (g) 28: Sugars (g) 2: Dietary Fiber (g) 2: Sodium (mg) 835: Read More. Hot Cakes. Serve Size : 142: Energy (kCal) 372: Protein (g) 6: Total fat (g) 10: Saturated fat (g) 6.40: Trans fat (g) 0.40: Cholesterol (mg) 16: Total carbohydrate (g) 64: …

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McDonald’s Classic McAloo Patty wrapped in an oven baked flavoured tortilla with crispy fresh shredded lettuce, sliced onions, combined in lip-smacking tangy sauce infused with fiery chipotle chillies, for your hunger cravings. Mexican McAloo Tikki Green Chilli Aloo Naan Chicken Kabab Wrap Mexican Aloo Wrap Green Chilli Kabab Naan

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