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House survey

What is a property survey? | Mansion Global

A property survey helps buyers determine the exact location of property lines, as well as detailing encroachments, easements and hazard areas. While some property lines are clearly delineated by …

A survey is a highly useful piece of information for homeowners, especially those in the process of purchasing property. While it is a matter of course to have an empty piece of land surveyed before closing, many prospective homeowners do not order a survey before they purchase their new home and the surrounding land.

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Household surveys have become an important source of information on the informal sector. In this kind of survey the key elements are the characteristics of the people engaged in informal sector activities, the participation of women and child labor, the characteristics of the households, and the survival strategies.

A house survey is an inspection of a property by an expert to help identify potential problems for a prospective buyer. A ‘surveyor’ visits the property, completes an inspection and prepares a report on what they’ve found.

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