Daily symptom survey

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Daily symptom survey

Daily Symptom Survey – Campus Ready

Daily Coronavirus Symptom Survey All UC Davis affiliates and non-affiliates must complete the Daily Symptom Survey before arrival at BML whenever you plan to come onsite, BEFORE you enter facilities. The survey takes less than 1 minute to complete – please consider completing it from home, before you arrive at BML. Take the Daily Symptom Survey

UC Davis Daily Symptom Survey. The UC system is requiring everyone to complete an online daily symptom survey IF they will be entering a university building/facility. This must be done each day. Survey can be found here either here: https://hem.ucdavis.edu/ or here: http://symptomsurvey.ucdavis.edu/ or if you prefer a QR code:

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The symptoms Chills or shaking Cough Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing Loss of taste or smell Sore throat Runny nose/sinus congestion Diarrhea Muscle pain/body ache Headache Unusual fatigue Eye redness with or without discharge Nausea or vomiting

We must all complete the Daily Symptom Survey before entering a UC Davis campus facility. When Physics & Astronomy department members receive the email Approval Notification, please forward that email to [email protected] These approval notices will be maintained up to 30 days before being deleted from our department records.

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